Wholesale Kitchen Countertops: Outstanding Designs for Reasonable Prices

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Wholesale vs. Retail
Whether for the first time, or completing a home renovation, designing a kitchen can be daunting. When assessing costs of design and where to buy materials used for constructing a dream kitchen, it is always best to consider wholesale retailers who offer quality material at a reasonable cost. Wholesale buyers purchase items for re-sell just as retailers do, however they sell their products to those who would also sell to the general public. Some wholesalers are not exclusively selling to retailers themselves, and often will open their doors to the general public. When buying from wholesale retailers, the middle man so to speak is cut out of the equation, and consumers can find the products they are looking for at a more reasonable price. This is true especially with building materials – consumers are not paying for fancy show rooms or commissioned sales associates. They are paying just for the goods, presented in a no-frill fashion. This in the long run can save homeowners thousands of dollars, while outfitting their home in the best materials available.
High Quality, Low Cost
Buying kitchen counter materials from a reputable wholesaler gives homeowners the ability to purchase high-quality and luxury materials for much less than from a showroom. Granite and marble are two very popular types of stone used to build kitchen countertops and have individually beneficial properties. Granite is a hard stone that has a crystalized appearance. It is available for purchase in both tile or slab and is much harder and durable than marble. Granite is rated second only to the diamond for strength among rocks and minerals. Granite is tough enough to withstand direct heat from pots and pans, and thus makes a great surface in the kitchen. Granite is actually finished with a diamond polish to give it a beautiful shine that is scratch resistant. Perfect for the kitchen!
Marble has its own benefits, the first and foremost being the breathtaking design and style of the carbon crystal striations. These striations are a mosaic interlocked within the rock itself, offering a unique style to the kitchen. Naturally created, various mineral impurities affect the limestone during its metamorphosis from limestone to marble caused by heat and pressure. The swirling patterns are due to clay, silt, sand, iron oxides or chert, (a rusty red or brown sedimentary rock.) No two slabs of marble are the same, just like with granite, so both materials will offer a unique style to the kitchen. Marble however is more porous than granite, and as such requires more attention and tender loving care. Fine marble cleaning products are recommended to use specifically on marble countertops to preserve the design and longevity of the counter. Marble is also a fire resistant material – perfect for the kitchen.
Whether marble or granite, homeowners should consider purchasing their countertop materials through a wholesale retailer, but one who also offers experience and expertise. They should be able to advise what materials are the best for the kitchen design, while also offering reasonable pricing for outstanding quality product.